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My delegations Reflections on our cuba trip

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What do I want to explore next? More authors and texts for evidence, Black queer sexuality, how ATRs uplift our sexuality rather than condemn it

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My paper did a close read of If Beale Street Could Talk and I was arguing about the spirituality of Black sexuality. My main thesis was that white supremacy and anti capitalism forces Black sexuality to be solely about production of labor. I argue that at its core, it's a state of transcending, connecting, coping and pleasure. Sub thesis- American Christianity is a tool for the former.

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Revisited an old paper I wrote from college. Very impressed with my writing abilities and my teacher was gassing me all the way up in her red comments. Inspired me to reread the book, update my thesis and add to it.

You don't need academia to learn and explore the things you love

Going to start some seeds today and experiment either using compost + coco coir mix as the soil 🤞🏾

Very close to finishing spiritfarer and very ready to cry

The way Ugly Betty tries to graciously navigate queer storyline yet make villainous caricatures out of EVERY Black character is giving me whiplash

Finished reading 2 books in Feb!

1. Black Girl Mania by Bria Royal

Can't believe I just read this for the 1st time considering Bria is a friend! This really made Mr feel more secure in speaking honestly with my therapist about wanting to inquire about an ADHD screening and not feeling daunted by the results

2. Shallow Waters x Anita Kopacz

Gentle read on Black American enslaved narratives combined w/ some juju folklore. Very rare to find a book like this incorporating indigenous perspectives

@kanga hi, a trusted source mentioned you might have access to some holy basil 👀

At the end of the day, the best framework for an organization may not be a choice between a cooperative or DAO model, but a blend of both. Incorporating cooperative values into crypto networks could take the form of a traditional cooperative that bootstraps its network through on-chain tokenized contributions. Alternatively, a DAO could decide to adopt cooperative one-vote governance in some instances.

Juju, web3 

My brain has been way too full of web 3. I don't believe in using tools in how ppl popularize them but I am interested in jumping on the bandwagon early enough to radically shift cultures and communities towards liberation. I did a playing card reading for myself and the illumination was so real! I will still be cautious but I positive I'm on to something. If anything, I've realized progress happens when willing to take a risk

Kipo and the Wonderbeasts really calls into consideration how we approach our relationships with animal spirit friends

Really having the urge to snatch my niece up and bring her to live with me

@boly found this metaverse community the core function sounds interesting especially when you read the co-op section

Hunkering down for winter. Getting into pod mode

Like yes l***nder me that nft $$ so I can bail out political prisoners (erybody that's incarcerated)

If nfts is just money laundering I ask yet again... where are the scammers for good??

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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!