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cant wait cant wait cant wait for theraplyyyyy
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hey y'all. It's down to the wire. rent is due tomorrow, my mom's bday. I've appreciated the help so far. I made a graphic for my croudfund. if it's not too much trouble, please share/repost it.

My second interview for this barista job is next week. if things go well, I'll be able to start finally working soon. could definitely use help til then!

now off to 2 (!) birthday parties, feeling like im gonna wanna chill all day tmo after today lol
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slept in thru a reading group zoom call, but made it to a yard work day! got to shovel mulch and pull weeds ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

self-deprecating sarcasm 

sometimes the music i make is so damn sad lol booohoooooo
met some people yday that reminded me of folks i knew in high school. we played some songs by this aint shit artist my high school friends would listen to, i decide to look up chords to play it for nostalgia's sake and the artist has removed all their tabs from ultimate guitar!! disgosting
do trust each other 💞 as we distrust the state 💞
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drug ment 

had a sweet picnic w some warm lovely folks 💗🖤 the weather was nice and vreezy and sunny and the food was tasty and so was the j :')

dream log 

with a group of folks for like a summer camp or something and we were learning how to put on makeup. i was covering my facial hair w a dark purple/blue and they told us to put red where our forehead and eyebrows were. the hardest part was i couldnt see myself in the mirror while i was painting bc dream physics lol. we were ready to go swimming the next day and we needed our base faces painted so it wouldnt take our time the next morn. i was def the slowest
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trees still know more than humans and computers

im practicinggggg some tunezzzzz for an open miccccc tmoooooo
i want to post some recordings and audio clips in general for streaming and would love to know some welcoming places for casual sharing
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anyone on or know of a funk.whale server they recommend?
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"We are only alive in memory. To remember together is the highest form of communion." bell hooks
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saw this video on twitter the other day. someone was recording this and got an amber alert

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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!