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i dont want to live in any abolitionist future that allows a household to run out of onions.... thats just too cruel for me
been having a lot of vivid dreams lately, esp relating to being on a stage. my subconscious would like a chance to perform!!!
estoy aprendiendo español y me gusta las palabras nuevas
ahhhhh today i think i feel FRUSTRATION or RAGE or something like that i aint ready for big kid things i think
at the end of the line when there's no more to consume do you eat away at yourself or grow something anew
gofundme link! ND needs a car bc they need to be able to get around without the bs! 🙅 please share, every dollar counts~

gofundme ask, boosts ok! 

ND needs a car bc they need to be able to get around without the bs! 🙅 please share, every dollar counts~

gonna start spitting and punching people in the face and then advertise the nice, interruption-free life they could be living if they paid a subscription for my pro version

i had a friend who was supposed to come visit for the weekend from seattle but had to cancel bc of potential covid exposure 😬 what to do now

If you're browsing the TL late at night, you may hear a soft cromching sound all around you. That's the sound of insects and small rodents eating dead posts that have fallen to the forest floor. This is an essential part of the mastodon ecosystem

im.... in my own place??? moved??? it has happened
i feel like i reach capacity too quickly. its not good for me (doesnt feel good) and not good for people im tryna care for (surprise! also doesnt feel good)
sometimes im scared all my passions are just fetishizations of something real


wanna get to a point where i get an email w the word 'fellowship' and not immediately jump to 'hmmm can i apply for this and what will it do for me'
audiobook listening friends: do you listen at 1x speed? 1.25x? 1.5x? Listening to my first full audiobook and curious how others feel about speeding them up
song in last night's dream
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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!