all i kno about nietzsche was that god is dead scene from nichijou

A queer, body positive exercise club where we support each other, train, attend events, and play matches together.

It is called QTPIES and it stands for Queer/Trans People Interested in Enjoying Sports.

lofi hip-hop radio - beats to workplace strike/sabotage to

therapy things 

unsure how i feel when my therapist assigns 'homework'? i feel like they dont follow up, or sometimes it feels like its for the sake of saying "we finished today's session" than anything else idk

finished the aforementioned sweater minus a few errant ends to weave in

pattern was The Cavalgante Sweater by Rosa Pomar #fiberarts #fibrearts

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i made pasta tonight but i hastily poured in all of the pasta into the sauce instead of an appropriate amnt i ate my fill for tonight but i think i might have to make more sauce to go with it hurgh
@Frogluvr91 hello~ enjoyed the corvid discourse and asked for a follow
felt like baking oatmeal cookies this morning but i dont have nearly enough oats d;

dream log 

I never finished this but i still remember i went to the bathroom in this dorm place which had two gendered doors so i chose one randomly and quickly realized they led to the same room through a roundabout series of doors? and one swang open and this old guy looked at me and said smth like 'ur in the wrong room' and im like buddy i have seen 4 different genders just walking here i dont really think anyone gives a shit but i sat on the toilet and scrambled to the toilet irl b4 pisn myslf
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climate futurez 

thinking bout climate collapse and the inevitability of all these buildings and structures we currently inhabit just being eroded over hundreds of thousands of years. what will be growing and thriving among the ruins?

black beans in pressure cooker so i don't forget 

- a lil over 2 cups dry black beans - 3x that amnt of water - half onion, diced - a good amnt of chopped garlic (like 2-3 tbsp?) - lots o cumin - chili powder - 3 bay leaves - salt
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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!