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"To support Amazon workers and let the company know that we do not approve of their union-busting tactics, a one-week boycott of the company has been planned. From Sunday, March 7th to Saturday, March 13th, everyone is being asked to not use Amazon or Amazon Prime and do not stream videos using the Amazon Prime video service."

low context living, where you plug in a refrigerator and have no idea how much energy it constantly consumes and where you call a professional to fix a problem you might have, does not seem very suited to a world of decay, where tipping points are passed and every year brings more instability

This section appears
to be very heavily
censored by Mormons

seeing people use technology in ways that are both useful and meaningful to them......

productivity stuff for distracted people 

Productivity hack for the distracted: If you can't focus, distracted work is still work.

Slow work is still work.

It's ok to leave gaps to be filled in later, or just take notes on what needs to be done.

And productivity is not a moral quality. Your output is not a measure of worth as a person.

I 🥺can no👎 longer 🦴think 🤔what I👁️ want to think🧐. My thoughts🤯 have been replaced😵 by emojis 😂🤣

also hate the vibe check up top hate the screenshot that is on this screenshot hate that im exposing myself as finding this on tumblr but i LUB blue bouncy pocket monsters
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took a 44 question uquiz to find my pokemon partner and tbh? the header doesnt lie

@thefinalstrawradio just posted an interview they did with one of the folks from Perilous.

This is an ambitious and important project, cataloging all occurrences of prisoner unrest (dating back to 2010, involving two or more people working together) across turtle island

check out the podcast here:

check out the site here:

today's #blackherstorymonth spotlight is on Assata Olugbala Shakur 🥫 Assata is a poet, activist, and militant who has participated in the Black liberation movement, the student movement, and the antiwar movement. She is a member of the Black Panther Party and an outspoken critic of u.s. imperialism 🥫 She was framed by the u.s. state for the deaths of her friend Zayd Malik Shakur and a cop, and after incarceration and torture she escaped to Cuba in 1984. She lives there to this day.

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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!