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i was watching videos on y*ut*be and one of the channels literally was called Plant-Based Bride like how you gonna make being a vegan wife your whole Thing
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wanting to get into the bullet journaling club but i left my Live Laugh Love ID card at home, do you think I can just tell the bouncer i have anxiety and don't eat meat

acab, be gay do crimes, am i right? now if you wouldn't mind describing all the crimes you've recently committed loudly and clearly into my pronouns pin, that would be grand,

also that 3 tuba moon shirt in the thumbnail is 🧑‍🍳 😘
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this is what i want playing in the background of my water levels
90s vibes said let tf go and MOVE
whimsical camp on 11 this shit is fr art inspo
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hunter x hunter seriously is that show i can rewatch eps over and over again
if i was in a car behind i would be pissed, but as a pedestrian i could not have been happier
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just witnessed a bus driver double park on a busy street to run and grab something from the grocery and honestly?? I'm proud of you grl
🚂💨 NOW ENTERING 🚂💨 Procrastination Station Trains depart in under half an hour, but you gob planty obf tiem!!

freshness from Project NIA--"Cosmic Possibilities: An Intergalactic Youth Guide to Abolition" ☆

Today's gender is impatience and the sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot.

that particular way people say "thank you" to express that you have Pissed Them Off

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it's getting together to figure it out • it's saying fuck surveillance capitalism • it's 2AM shitposting • it's experimentation • it's care & vulnerability • it's close readings, deep reflection, & learning • it's baybee!!!