selfie, bugs (beetle & cicada), life 

life's been weird the past few months, but I've met some neat insects!

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irony guys, second-person phrasing (which i don't normally like doing, sorry) 

"x-pilled", "chad". ya don't have to insulate your true feelings under a fortified layer of plausibly-deniable personal remove! i know well that being seen to sincerely express feelings can mean opening yourself up to hurt! drop that embarrassing redditor "the cake is a lie XD" mode of edgelord fragility! learn to say things like "that's cool!" or "i like it!" with your full chest!

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“Public 'career feminists' have been more concerned with getting women into boardrooms, when the problem is that
there are altogether too many boardrooms, and none of them are on fire”
- Laurie Penny

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Saw a magical cloud kitty today!
Look at its face XD


#photography Nikon Z6, Nikkor 50mm f1.8, processed in Darktable.

Feel free to use for #ArtReference !

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👾 the Atlantic Ocean personally upholds a significant portion of the US Navy, responsible for many war crimes that could not have been committed without the help of the Atlantic Ocean
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Advice for Shoes? 

Hey, where do y'all buy femme shoes? I'd like a formal shoe and a boot, but I need like Size 14s US and can barely find anything. And I've had a rash of internet purchases being immediate returns and I'm really put out about it.

Any help would be great.

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For any trans people who need to hear this:

Your body is beautiful. You're worthy of being desired, if that's something you want.

Whether you choose to transition (and in whatever direction you want), and wherever you are in that process -- you're seen, you are believed, and I'm proud to be your sibling.

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to hear, "Hey, Beautiful." If you don't hear it in your voice, hear it in mine.

Your strength is incredible. You come from a long tradition of transgender people, stretching back to the earliest days of humanity.

Let the haters shout into the void. You don't need to. The Void already loves you. ✨​

(cis people please boost)

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Slacker 10 Commandments:
1. Never report fellow workers.
2. Never "go the extra mile" or "put in extra hours" without fair compensation.
3. Always make it appear you are "going the extra mile".
4. Never participate in "mandatory fun", especially on your own time, unless you actually enjoy it.
5. Never report a shoplifter.
6. Always conceal your coworkers mistakes whenever possible.
7a. Never worry about the company profits.
7b. Sabotage is OK, but be safe.
8. Always put working class customer needs before that of the company.
9. Never go out of your way to serve capitalist class customers.
10. Always steal office supplies.

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anyone here know more about hindi and urdu gender neutral language?

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When you talk about giving up on the South you’re talking about specifically giving up on the vast majority of black people in this country, hope this helps

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These folk are raising money to buy professional laser hair removal equipment to offer their services free of charge to those needing it in the UK. ^_^

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be the girl you would've been afraid to talk to as a younger you

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gay crimes 

going to deep homot with my coworker during work and shopl**ting together>>>>>>

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