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A nice definition from a disability justice perspective from CAT911:

Abolition is not limited to ending spaces and practices of incarceration and policing. Fundamentally, abolition is also about reimagining new ways of life such that a world in which prisons, policing and other carceral systems as solutions to social problems becomes unthinkable.

We who dream, who listen to be known and communicate to understand. We who choose love, who choose to cultivate hope and trust to nourish our collective power. We who shape change, who know that this is not all there is.

Let's create our abolitionist future together luvs!


It's no secret -- being online kinda sucks!!!

  1. endless mind-numbing scrolling down feeds literally engineered to give you dopamine highs that make your brain go `oog boog look at number go up!!`
  2. capitalism v10.0, now featuring ads every other word and brands that have depression
  3. bonkers discourse that relies on clout + maintanence of some image for ppl who are not actually invested in each others' mutual wellbeing

I don't wanna say this space will be completely free from any of that but I'm interested in earnestly fostering an environment where at least we have some semblance of self-awareness and commitment to growth!

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